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    Chat Bots

    Chat bots hang around your channel’s chat just like any other user, and can be controlled by simple commands, or even set to automate certain tasks like filtering and moderation. Check out these popular options.




    Created by Twitch Admin Moocat, Moobot is a popular browser based chat bot that you’ll see in many streams. Its basic functionality is free, but to get some of the more advanced features, you’ll need to make recurring monthly payments. If all you need are standard features like chat moderation or recurring links to your schedule or social media accounts though, you should be able to get by without paying anything.



    There’s nothing locked behind a paywall when you use Nightdev’s Nightbot, so it’s become another very popular option. Alongside standard moderation features, it can fetch music from SoundCloud as well as YouTube, giving your stream a wider array of options than bots that only use YouTube. Poll and raffle functions provide rich opportunities for interaction with your viewers, and chat stat tracking can help you spot anomalies in your traffic and moderation patterns.



    Deepbot is only available in a closed, paid beta at the moment, but one unique feature makes it stand out from other bots. DeepBot can host minigames right in your chat!

    For example, one popular DeepBot minigame is the bank heist. Participants gain loyalty points for visiting your channel or participating in your chat, which they can then bet to rob a virtual bank using chat commands. Some banks are better protected than others, but also offer larger point payouts.

    These minigames do tend to generate extra spam in your chat, so make it worthwhile by coming up with things your viewers can spend their points on. Maybe you’ll let them spend points to vote on which game you play next, or on song requests to play behind your stream. These little rewards can keep viewers coming back day after day.

    Ultimate Twitch Bot


    Ultimate Twitch Bot was proposed by Defatank & designed/coded by SeeingBlue of the Great Architect community. It’s purpose is to provide the community with a universal and reliable loyalty bot to reward viewers for their time spent watching your channel.


    We hope this Topic was useful for you !



    I’ve been using PhantomBot lately, I much prefer it over UTB simply because I can run it in the background on my raspberry pi. UTB is windows only:/

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