About us

Sleepyy Host is a multi-game/multi-guild community for Live Streamer’s on Twitch/Hitbox.

About our partners


Sleepyy.Net is providing Public Server’s for Free, using an own built Server Computer with a High Speed internet connection. If you like what they are providing to all people for free.

Please consider giving a Donation to keep both the Server’s and Live Stream’s running.

Anything helps to make his Stream and the Server’s as good as it can be.


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Kooperativet Fågel Fenix

Work-integrated social enterprise.

They are working to create new jobs. They sell goods and
services just like any business. However
distinguishes them in other ways. It is not economic
profit is the main objective. No, but to give jobs
the people standing outside the traditional labor
market. Earnings reinvested always back into the business
activities to develop their employees, purchase equipment
and most important of all – Creating more jobs.

When you hire them, you are co-creating growth on a
labor market where people’s well-being is just as important
as the company’s profits. Obviously, those collective agreements and
contractual wages.


PowerSurgePC proudly sponsor Sleepyy-Host.

What is PowerSurgePC?

PowerSurgePC is a custom computer company. They build fully custom computers of your choice or you can buy one of our pre-built systems we have on our website. They take time and pride in building our computers for everyone instead of most computers made in factories. PowerSurgePC computers go through a series of tests before leaving the shop.


– Tanner Sanders, CEO